4 Sober Activities For Valentine’s Day

Get moving to a new rhythm this valentine’s day. Everything you need to get out and stay active is in these four tips, no matter who you’re spending this special day with. Our holistic recovery approach is centered in outdoor adventure and connecting with others on a personal level.

How to stay sober during Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s day can be triggering for many people in early recovery. Whether you’re with the person of your dreams or not, we don’t always get what we want, and that can hurt sometimes. So, have a plan in place to get through the day stress-free while remaining socially distanced, no matter who you’re with.

Ready to get moving to a new rhythm this valentine’s day?

4 Sober Activities to for Valentine’s Day (that you can do with a friend):

1. Plan an Outdoor Bar-B-Q

Whether you’re grilling dogs in the backyard or picnicking in the park, a BBQ is a great way to stay busy through the holidays. Make sure to check your city’s restrictions for public gatherings. You may be limited to only having one friend or special-someone at your BBQ. No matter the size of the crowd, the idea is to get some fresh air and enjoy cooking outdoors. Check out this recipe guide if you’re new to outdoor cooking.

2. Go On a Hike Outdoors

While cooking may not be your strong suit, hiking can be an excellent way to travel or commute just about anywhere. Socially distancing is a given, and it is recommended to wear a mask. Many metropolitan cities have trails that you may not have ever discovered. If you want to hit the trails this valentines day, pick a trusted partner and dig through this local trail guide.

3. Take a walking tour

You may be thinking, ‘Walking tour?! I’ve already walked all over my entire city.’ Here’s the truth, you haven’t! Walking tours provide historical context into your area’s culture and background. By taking a walking tour, you remain eco-friendly by remaining on foot, while socially distancing according to the local guidelines. Walking tours all over the US and Canada are available year round, and typically only accept donations. Go for it and learn something new about your area on this sober valentine’s day.


4. Volunteer Somewhere

If you are further along in your recovery and have the means of helping someone this Valentine’s Day, you may find it very rewarding. There are a number of shelters in most metropolitan areas that will accept help by filling out a waver online. Contact your local shelter, or check out this list of shelters around the country. You may also be able to contact rehab centers in Los Angeles, if you are local to the region, to check for opportunities to volunteer.

Ready for Sober Valentine’s Day?

Remember, it’s about connecting with the ones you love and enjoying the outdoors. Stay positive and active while you find your new rhythm. Put your recovery first and find a holistic activity to put your energy into. If you are struggling with drug addiction and need inpatient treatment, our representatives are standing by to take your call.