What is medically assisted detox?

Before we start our discussion on medically assisted detox treatment, we should be aware of the common misconceptions regarding detoxification processes occurring in detox centers these days. People spread rumors that the addicted patient experience painful episodes that makethem even sicker.

It is although true to some extent that the sudden stoppage of drugs can be dangerous for chronic addicts and sometimes even lethal due to the withdrawal symptoms. To prevent this, detox and rehabilitation centers choose effective and permanent methods to ensure the long-term health and sobriety of the patient. We must acknowledge the fact that everyone needs a different treatment when it comes to detoxification. However,medically assisted treatment (MAT) is the best-known detoxification treatment one can get.

Detoxification and related facts

Detoxification, or commonly known detox, is the process of cleaning the patient’s body of the toxic and harmful drugs and letting the body remove the drugs within it.The sole purpose of detoxification is to securely manage the withdrawal symptoms when the patient starts avoiding addictive drugs or alcohol. You must know that experience of the detoxification process is different for everyone. It is because of the genetics of the patient, the type of drug, and the time since the start of addiction greatly affect the detox. The detox process takes somewhat few days to a few weeks for complete cleansing of the body.

What is MedicallyAssisted Treatment (MAT)?

Medically-assisted treatment (MAT) is the proper use of certain medications, along with counseling and behavioral therapies, to treat those patients who are addicted to drugs or alcoholic substances. A thorough medical research has been done regarding the effectiveness of MAT, and the results show that combining medications with behavioral therapies is successful in treating addictive disorders.

Whenever you become an addict of drugs, especially opioids, your brain undergoes harmful changes. It becomes more and more dependent on these drugs. The brain overreacts at the removal of these drugs, which causes withdrawal symptoms-agitation, unhappiness, stress, low mood, difficulty in carrying out the basic activities of life. For most of the people that are struggling with addiction, MAT is really a helpful treatment option that not only provides ease in getting rid of the addictive substances but can also help sustain recovery.

Medical Detox Program

How is MATperformed?

As stated previously, medications along with behavioral therapy are used in MAT. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved several drugs to be used in MAT for alcohol and opioid use disorders. These medications include:
  • Methadone: It is used to treat a person who has been confirmed to be a patient of Opioid Use Disorder (OUD). Opioid use disorder occurs in those who abuse substances like heroin, morphine, and opium, etc. It actually blocks the opioid receptors of the brain and thus antagonizes the effects of opioid substances.
  • Acamprosate, disulfiram, and naltrexone: These are the widely and commonly used drugs for treating alcohol use disorder. Although these do not cure the disorder, yet these are effective in those who participate in the MAT program.

Benefits of MAT

MAT is widely used and the best available treatment option for those who are struggling to live a normal healthy life but are unable to do so. The following benefits are provided to the patients who undergo medically associated detoxification process:
  • Medications prescribed in MAT are only prescribed by qualified healthcare professionals and are approved to be available in registered rehabilitation centers. White Oak Recovery Center is a registered treatment and rehabilitation center where patients can be benefited from MAT.
  • MAT medications are great and quite effective in allowing the patients to return to normal life without experiencing withdrawal symptoms. It is because they provide the same euphoric effects as that of addictive drugs but do not harm the metabolic functionality of the body.
  • A research study showed that MAT also prevents the patients from involving in other sorts of dangerous activities such as crimes in the euphoric state or sexual activities, etc.

Effectiveness of MAT

Clinical data and research of many years verify that MAT is the most efficacious method to treat opioid addiction. A research study shows that MAT results in a significant increase in patient’s adherence to the medications being used in the treatment and also reduce the illegal opioid use when compared to non-MAT approaches.

How we offer MAT detox?

At White Oak Recovery Center, we try our best to provide the best possible comfort to the patients to ensure fast and effective recovery. We offer the option of MAT detox if the patient is deemed appropriate for MAT. Those patients who are undergoing MAT are supervised and monitored under the eye of healthcare professionals and doctors. They do their best to counsel the patients regarding MAT and its long-term advantages.

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