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White Oak Recovery Center

Our mission at White Oak Recovery is to help people find meaningful and lasting freedom from addiction. By creating a safe, comfortable, and healing environment staffed by highly skilled and compassionate therapists, White Oak is the place where personal transformation occurs. 

We offer various addiction treatment methods, ensuring you find a treatment plan catered to your needs. Our intimate setting holds a maximum of 6 residents, enabling our clinical team to structure an individualized treatment plan that promotes long term recovery for each resident.

White oak recovery

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We Offer a Steady Path

As a reputed drug rehabilitation center, we understand how difficult the withdrawal symptoms could be for some people. Therefore we come up with a medically supervised detox treatment program where the patients get 24-hour nursing care. After our initial consultation, our medical assessment team will determine the level of support you will need during detoxification. 

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Detox Treatment

If you are searching for ‘alcohol detox near me in and around Northridge, California, White Oak Recovery is here to help. We provide comprehensive, committed, and realistic drug detox programs for people who want to embark on a new life journey and leave the addiction-prone life behind.

Inpatient Methadone Detox

Our methadone detox treatment program at White Oak Recovery will help you successfully detox your body and prepare you for the rehab program. After the successful completion of the detox treatment, you can join the rehab program at our drug rehabilitation center.

Intensive Inpatient

Intensive inpatient care ensures the highest level of care and treatment for people suffering from alcohol or drug addiction. It includes detox treatment as well as rehab programs to help people lead an addiction-free life.   

Medically Assisted Detox

MAT is widely used and the best available treatment option for those who are struggling to live a normal healthy life but are unable to do so.

Our facilities

The White Oak Recovery Center

Your recovery finds its rhythm in a serene, comfortable residential environment.

A New Beginning

The healing process takes time, but our drug addiction treatment center will help you feel right at home in our comfortable space. At White Oak Recovery, you’ll take your first step towards sober living, with friendly staff and residents to guide you into recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

We follow a 12-step recovery program and offer an optional Christian path for spiritual growth. Our goal is to give you the tools to survive outside of our walls. For many, the opportunity to take your life back is worth fighting for. We hope you have the strength to join us and thrive in our community. We are the leading drug rehab center in Northridge Los Angeles.

Inpatient rehab programs ensure 24-hour care, daily counseling sessions, and medical detox support so that all needs of the patients are met promptly. You will have access to community support groups as well. 

By immersing in the nurturing environment of our Residential Treatment, you can easily address the various challenges in your recovery program. The residential treatment at White Oak Recovery is the right step for a healthy and sober life. At our drug rehabilitation center, patients will be admitted for residential treatment after an appropriate detox program. It is the next level of care after the detox treatment.

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White oak recovery

19404 Roscoe Boulevard,

Northridge, California 91324